Squat Form/Depth Check

last set of 240 3x5. felt deep to me, but on the video looks like I’m just hitting parallel (which is fine) or even a bit above.
Thanks for any help you can give me.


squat! sorry for the triple post

They all look deep enough to me, and your form looks pretty solid. No glaring issues whatsoever.

My advice is just focus on getting strong. Lots of hard work and time, and you will be in very good shape.

Looks deep, but the angle is not the best for judging depth. Set your camera, at the same level as your thigh in the bottom position, square with the cage. That is the best angle. Some cameras may have a degree of forshortening, that is why it is important to be square with the cage.

Looks solid. But on bigger weights I think your wrists/forearm/elbows can take a beating; they seem in a very tight position. Other than that it looks solid as far as I can judge.

looks like a squat to me.

Looks pretty good dude. Try to get your elbows under the bar a little more, and actively push your knees out and sit back a little in the hole. It looks like your knees are shifting forward a little in the bottom, (some forward knee travel will happen in the raw squat), which means you arent quite staying tight at the bottom.

Not big issues, but focusing on these things will eliminate the very slight pitch forward that I saw on a couple of the reps.