Squat Form Critique

Any help?

I think my feet are a little wide?

It looks okay. Remember to take in a big breadth, brace your abs hard, pull your shoulders down and your elbows close.

I wouldn’t worry too much about how wide your feet are, some people ( myself included) need a wider stance to get deeper just based on their hip anatomy. Squat looks pretty good. Its hard to tell without actually being there to get a close look but it almost looks like you transfer your weight onto your toes as you’re coming out of the hole. Might just be camera angle though.

Not bad. I would recommend turning your toes in slightly. Your knees track with the angle of your feet. Going to wide with the knees puts a lot of unneeded stress on the knee.

Also either don’t squat so low, or work on your pelvic stability. Your pelvis shifts at the bottom. It is a simple fix it just takes some time.

One more thing I noticed is that you have some lateral movement to your left side which indicates you either have an anatomical disparity or you are stronger with one leg (most likely). Start doing single leg squats and that should fix that problem.

I’m no expert, and this just might be my preference, but I find that your elbows are not under the bar enough, thus encouraging forward lean. I like to squat by keeping vertical though, and involving less of my back.

the tempo looks good, you are keeping your head up and judging by your intensity in lifting the weight, it seems as though you are taking deep breaths. Having said that, the only thing that I would recommend is turning your toes in a little. A lot of people don’t have an issue with that but I find that I hit my quads a lot more when my legs are turned in.

Good stuff!