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Squat Form Critique


I think that I am over arching my lower back. What do you think?


I think everyone in your gym is on amphetamines lolz.

I think you could go a little deeper... What happens to your lumbar arch then?

I think you could shove your knees out a lot harder, too. To help stabilize the knee wobble. Really drive out the hole with your glutes / shove the knees out. I thought the weight looked a little forwards on your feet / over your knees rather than being driven out solidly with glutes / hammies.

But take that with however many grains of salt. I'd be interested in what other people have to say...


It is just the camera angle,if O had one from the back or front, my knees are always in line with my toes.The weight is on my heels, but I feel like I am using only my quads to get back up. Should I start using hip drive like rippetoe says? I tried that before, ended up doing a good morning instead of a squat. If I go any deeper, my lower back is fine, my hips are the ones that disagree with any more depth. If my close my stance, I need Olympic shoes to keep the weight on my heels. Thanks for you input :slightly_smiling:


I think you have pretty good form, yes I agree you could go deeper but that depends on how you feel going deeper etc. I don't agree that the weight is forward at all, infact when I pause the vid at the bottom of your squat, it looks like the bar is lining up in the middle of your feet or even slightly back which is good. Work on depth, but your form looks solid IMHO.


Yes, I thought your form looked solid, too :slightly_smiling:

I didn't mean to suggest that your knees were caving... Just that you might find you get a stronger squat out the hole if you use your glutes hammies to drive your hips forwards and up while simultaneously really shoving those knees out harder.

In one of Ripptoe's training vids where he is teaching hip drive he doesn't seem concerned that the dude is good-morninging (if that is a word) it up. Apparently he does worry about this though, as soon as the hip drive is reliable and automatic (chest up!!)

I find myself getting the feeling of pulling myself up out the hole with my quads rather than pushing myself up out the hole with my glutes / hammies, too. I guess that was what I meant by your weight being forwards - that you seemed to be using your quads / knee wobble rather than your glutes / hammies with your knees shoved out harder still.

I've been doing a lot of bar work with a resistence band around my knees which seems to really help me use my glutes / hammies to initiate the ascent and really drive my knees out hard. I certainly don't pretend to have a perfect powerlifting low bar squat - but I do think it is helping.

I'm finding I get a sticking point where it takes a bit of time for my glutes / hammies to kick in properly on the ascent. The temptation for me is to lean forwards a little (to deload the hammies / glutes, I think) and use my quads to pull me up more... I can grit my teeth and deal with the pause, though, and they kick in eventually.

But I certainly don't have an amazing low bar back squat! Or any other style of squat for that matter :frowning:


Ok, I'm glad my technique doesn't suck