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Squat Form Critique


Just looking for any constructive advices and/or suggestions regarding my squat form including depth, stance, and the position of the bar on my traps. Thanks!


Did your camera man also shoot Cloverfield?

Looked pretty decent at that weight, post another video going heavier so any weaknesses are more obvious. Only thing I could see from the side on shot was you 'rocked' forward slightly at the bottom of the squat, that may be due to you not keeping weight on your heels?


you might get better strength at the bottom with a slightly wider, "duck foot" stance and pushing your knees out. Coach Rippetoe teaches this method. He calls it "active hip".


I've started using it after reading it, and I feel stronger at the bottom which was definitely my weakest point and holding me back.


Looks pretty good, so only minor stuff.

Stepping out, should be one step, right foot back, left foot back and squat, not a bunch of little steps. It'll help when you do go heavier. I know its tough in those squat racks; wish more gyms had real power racks.

Also don't get in the habit of looking to the side like ya did in the video. Keep your head straight ahead...Guys I used to workout with pinned a naked barbie doll to the wall above the mirror and they looked at that to keep their head up. I just keep my head up but my eyes straight so i can watch my form. Either way, head should be up and you shouldn't be looking to the side.