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Squat Form Critique


Here's my squat from this morning. I'm worried I'm not getting depth. This video, unfortunately, hides the crease of my hip joint behind the cage. I'll try for a better angle next time. Any and all suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Hopefully the video upload issues from yesterday have been resolved.



Not seeing a video here man. May want to try reposting.


Yesterday the moderators were working on some problems with video upload and were only able to upload from their servers. Looks like the issue hasn't been worked out yet. I'm sure LowfatMatt will swoop in and save the day again.


Another for JLD2k3


Thanks, Matt


The way I see it, it's very questionable. It's definetely parallel, not sure if it is below it. Squat an inch lower and all doubts will be gone :slight_smile:


You definitely hit depth. My only problem is that your're walking it too far. In the "So You Think You Can Squat Series", Matt Wenning explains how far to walk it out if you don't have a monolift.



I think you hit it (depth) on the first and third rep, but the second was a little iffy. Unsolicited advice: work on driving you head back into the bar out of the hole, as you kind of fold forward out of the hole.


You're right, I do tend to drift forward. I will work to correct that.


Pushmepullme gave me the feedback via PM that I'm too high. My meet is in a month. I'm going to work up to my openers slowly, but really work on burying the squat. I'll post another video next week. Thanks for the help, all.