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Squat Form Critique/Tips


I know the video is kind of crappy, but it's all I got right now.

From the video, I believe my depth blows and I lean too far foward.


Your lean doesn't look bad to me. So long as you don't increase your lean as the weights go up. Yeah depth could use improvement for sure. Also look upward during the rep, not straight forward; Look in the direction you want your body to follow.


1)break at hips, not knees
2)sit back
3)make sure knees track over feet(hard to tell on video)
aside from that and your depth it looks ok.


Sit back a little more
Your forward lean is fine provided you keep the arch in your back
Push your knees out
Depth is a little tough to tell but they look a bit high to me


You don't want to be looking up while squatting, puts the spine in hyper extension (dangerous), and puts you out of position in the hole for proper hip drive. Keep the head neutral with the spine, try looking 6-8 feet in front of you on the floor.

OP i'd work on your hip flexibility to get down better. Also your lean looked a little forward work on trying to keep the bar over the middle of the foot (video helps a ton with this).


I was talking about the eyes buddy, not the head. You can tilt your head up all you want and not actually be looking in that direction.

I could tell by the way his body was moving that it didn't seem like he was looking upward at all.


I'll start working on hip flexibility. I'm going to play with bar positioning a bit cause I think a lower position would probably help.

I also know that I need to work on my core strength so I'm going to start working on that as well.


Try using a low bar placement, this will allow you to be a tad more upright, as well as center the weight in line with your center of gravity better.


coincidentally i had the bar too high on my back there for awhile and it fucked my squat up big time, moved it an inch down and fixed.


Yeah I found that squatting high bar made me lean way too far forward. Fucked my squat up too.


I've tried low bar squats and find them uncomfortable. More than likely just because I'm used to high bar.


They are uncomfortable. But squats usually aren't a lift classifiable (spell check?) as comfy. If its in your wrists, try gripping the bar closer, if its your rear delts, you pretty much just have to ride it out.