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Squat Form Critique Please


Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me out with my squat technique,
I've squatted 155kg in competition (6 months ago) and 180kg in the gym recently.
My bodyweight is about 95kg at 6'1
The video is of 135kg for 10 done on the 3 week of 5/3/1
Sorry for the shitty video quality
Many thanks.


Your squat form looks good and your training partner is saying the right things to you.


Need to squat deeper for IPF/USAPL legal depth. But if that doesn't matter then your upper back looks like it collapses just a little in the hole; keep at it your form looks perty good.


Yeah I was worried I might be squatting a little high after looking at the video, i'll try to fix the upper back problem as well.
thanks again.


Form looks good, but depending on the fed you compete in you'll want to go a little lower, like Hodges said. Also, rotate the camera next time :wink:

Nicely done though!


A little bit deeper. Vids of heavy attempts might reveal more weaknesses though. Still, good looking squats.


I'll work on the depth and try to video some heavy attempts with this new rotated camera technique.
I'm sure the heavier attempts look a lot uglier.
Any tips on how I can fix my upper back collapsing when I'm in the hole? I know this happens to a greater degree on my heavier attempts.
thanks for all the feedback.


Dan, what do you mean by collapsing? Do you mean losing your arch and having your upper back take the load rather than your legs?

That won't happen so long as you lift with your chest first instead of your hips. Always keep your chest up and out, and make sure your hips don't rise too fast because that's what will cause you to good-morning the weight up, but I'm sure you know that already.

If you mean your upper back just feeling very loose, just make sure to really squeeze your shoulder blades together as tight as you possibly can, and retain that tightness throughout the movement.


yeah what I meant was that I lose my arch, my upper back takes a lot more of the load and I tend to goodmorning the weight up when I get to around 90% of my max or the end of higher rep sets. I'll concentrate on lifting with my chest first rather than my hips.


Ahhh okay, I know exactly what you mean. I've been having that issue as well and I'm working on correcting it. It's partially due to the way I'm built (my torso is shorter) so regardless I'll have a bit of a forward lean, but it used to be pretty bad.

Also note that if you have a low bar placement then you will tend to lean a little more than if you had a high bar placement.


If you aren't already, flex your traps all the way through the lift, this will keep the bar in place and will more likely than not keep your upper back nice and tight. Also, throw in some high-rep DB rows. Worked for Kroc and his lockout strength on the DL, might work for the squat as well. Good luck.



Yeah that sounds like a good one, I'll give the rows a go next week - if it's good enough for Kroc it's definitely worth me giving it a go ha


don't worry about depth, it looked fine for gym training squats, of course come meet time you will want to drop it a little but until then don't worry. if you have access to a safety bar use that, it will def help out the upper back strength. when you go down, try to continuously push back and arch into the bar, that will also help keep more upright especially when in the hole, however this does take a lot of back strength. and when coming out of the hole lead with your head.


thanks for the advice 2-scoops, I'll work on that stuff tonight in the gym.