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Squat Form Check

I was advised to have my form checked due to some knee issues I was having. Heres a few videos of my squat the last couple sessions.

I think it would be better if you moved this to Bigger, Stronger, Leaner, or Beginners section

You break at the hips first before you break at your knees. You should break at the hips and knees at the same time.

You can also play around with different angles with your feet and see which angles eliminate the discomfort in your knees. That might help. Just remember to keep the knees tracking over the toes when you try different angles.

Can you describe in more detail what knee issues you are having?

That looks really awkward. You look like you’re trying really hard to sit back, but it just comes off awkward. You are going to have to work with your natural leverages, not trying to emulate the form of someone with different limb lengths than you. Your knees look like they are flaring out to the sides as you descend. They shouldn’t. They should just track a line, your quads over your calves and knees tracking over the toes.

I’m seeing lack of lumbo-pelvic control, butt winking all over the place. If ur interested in being bigger, stronger and injury free I’d work on creating a stable locked in torso and pelvis position by breathing and bracing. Watch these vids:

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My knee issues are from kneeling on hard surfaces most of my working life. A perfect example is I have a small area front porch, maybe 3-4 ft wide by 5-6 ft long. I stained it on Monday of last week. My knee became sore and hard to kneel on or bend. If I stand for long periods I get pains in my knee cap area and the back of the knee. I have a lot of popping noises when going through range of motions when it gets sore. I have an appointment with the doctor but it’s not till sept. My primary care told me it’s arthritis but I noticed this issue after a mixture of work and lifting. It comes and goes but this last time it was 4-5 days before it felt “normal”

If that’s the case, you gotta find a way to move away from those possible aggravating factors. Does the pain happen throughout the full ROM? If it just happens at the bottom, then cut some depth. No point in going ass to grass or below an arbitrary set point if it destroys your knees. Unless you plan to compete of course, then that’s a different story.

Intra-joint knee pressure is actually at peak just above parallel, cutting depth is the opposite of the thing to do for knee issues. Glucosamine Sulfate can be very helpful, MSM for some people as well. And buy some quality knee pads before the next such job. Not the cheap junk ones, look around and find something gel with a hard armour exterior to take the abuse.

I’m a little confused with that though. I’ve read that as well, but for others, it works better. So I guess it also boils down to what feels better for the person?

The pain varies with range of motion. Sometimes its just before parallel, other times it can be at the bottom or when coming up. I am sure form isn’t best and might help fix some of this as well.

It can vary, depending on the cause. If it’s in the joint cutting depth can aggravate it. If it’s a flexibility issue or imbalance it can depend.

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Gotcha. Thanks!

I know I have an issue with bracing which im trying to correct. The hips and knees breaking at the same time have been an issue that Im not sure how to get my body to work like that. Ill study the videos and try to correct those things though

Are any of these better?




Better. Keep working on it though. Looks like in the bottom ur losing a bit of that bracing/positioning.