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Hello guys. I create this post in order to improve my squat technique. I have been making changes in what is the general grip, width and angle of the feet. And it turned out to me in this way, a semi-closed grip without the thumb and a width of feet equal to the hip (or a little wider) with a rather steep angle, I plan to try to close that angle a bit.
About me I can say that I am 20 years old and trained 2 years ago. I weight 163lbs and measure 5’7’'. 3 months ago my Rm was 155kg

125KG (275lbs) x3 2’

145kg (320lbs)

152KG (335LBS)

Do you notice that I have a dominant hip squat or quadriceps?What do you think I could correct?? What I notice is that when I lockout the bar it bounces, I don’t know how I could fix it.

From already thank you very much . And sorry for my bad inglish

Ur English is fine lol

I’d say It’s a weak quads relative to hips style squat.

Ur knees shift back out of the hole a fair bit. Maybe cue to keep the knees forward a bit longer out of the hole and see if you can counter that tendency because it wastes all the momentum from bouncing out the bottom.

Focusing on quad work may help also. e.g. volume front squats.

I do the same thing lol but near lockout you can try not contracting the glutes super hard to lockout because that pops the bar off.


Your squat looks alright, no glaring problems. You look like you are more hip dominant, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, you have to play to your strengths. Don’t look for weaknesses, just make everything stronger.

You tip forward a bit as you come up, try to force your head up and back. If I just push with my legs and don’t force my head up I end up doing the same thing when the weight gets heavy.

Also in the 2nd video your elbows shoot back as you come up, that can lead to tipping forward and missing reps. What I would recommend is pulling the bar down into your back, from before you descend right until you come up. This will keep your elbows down and also lock your lats down, which will increase stability.

Don’t blast the weight right up to the top, slow down the last few inches. Also pulling the bar down like I said will help.


I don’t see glaring issues. I’d try NOT having the feet ducked out so much ( pointed into a very wide V ) but that’s just me based off what I’m seeing.

As @guineapig mentioned quads could be too weak but it could also be the feet thing.

Keep training, keep getting stronger, once progress starts slowing down or weaknesses pop up keep looking for areas to improve.

Im glad to know that my inglish is somewhat understable.
Oh all the time i was thinking that i am of the group of weak back. I think it strengthened my back thanks to the conventional deadlift, I left it about 5 months ago for the sumo.
Thank you, I’m going to focus on keeping my knees forward.
Definitely the front squat is something I want to apply in my next cycle.
And about not getting the glutes super contract is something that I have very mentalized, more in heavy singles, but I’ll try hahaha.

I am glad to read that. I agree that I should strengthen everything, I’m quite a beginner.
You mean lead with the head? What I try to do once I get out of the hole is apart from pushing with my legs I push my back towards the bar.
The cue I use is trying to bring my elbows under the bar, which would be the same, I think. Let’s say guide the ascent with the elbows.

I think it can be about the feet. I feel that if I put my feet like a duck I enter the hole better and with more power from it, but halfway I lose leg drive. I will have to try with the most closed angle, about 20º. I clarify that I already walk like a duck :sweat_smile:
Totally agree, keep progressing with the basics. But my problem is that I am muniscious and I find it inevitable to look at details. But I have to not overthink
Thank you

What I mean is push your back towards the bar at the same time that you are coming out of the hole. Otherwise you tip forward as you come up, which is exactly what you are doing.

That’s part of it, but you want to engage your lats to stabilize your torso, and they will also keep your arms in position.


Of course I understand, something like that I try to imitate but with “chest up”, I will try as you say.
Would it be a combination of elbows down and below the bar?

Today in my squat session I closed the angle significantly, I think it looks more solid.
310lbs/ 140kg (90.05%)

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For some of these cues maybe try out initiating earlier. Like the second you reverse out of the bottom think “push with the back” as opposed to a second or two later. Maybe even cuing on the way down before you’ve hit the bottom position could work.

looks better brah. keep working on it. these things may take a few sessions to see the benefits

Yes, I start pushing with the “back” almost half way up. I should try a little before reaching the hole. But it is something that I will have to apply with lighter weights, after my test that is in two weeks.

Thank you, I will be progressing with this technique, which at the moment is the one I see most solid compared to all the techniques I have used. And as I said I will apply your cue in the next block with light weights. . Thank you!

The idea behind what I am telling you is that you have to extend your hips at the same time as your knees, and not allow the bar to drift forward.

If your elbows are down they will be somewhere below the bar, it’s not about having them directly under the bar but rather not letting them tilt upwards like you were doing.

This is the whole problem right here, you have to push with your back as soon as you hit the bottom of the squat.

I hit my first rep today where the bar didn’t jump off my back at lockout. R u proud of me?



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Yesterday I had testing, and I was able to get 160 kg only (when according to an approximation amrap I have about 170kg). It is clear the technical failure I have with my upperback, partly due to nerves and not thinking about the technique. Does anyone know how I could correct and have my elbows below the bar? Or what cue I could use so that the bar doesn’t roll on my back. Thankss

Already covered here:

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