Squat Form Check


Can you guys please help critique my squat form? The weight is 115 lbs and I’m trying to do a low bar squat. Watching the video myself, I feel like I’m doing a hybrid between high and low bar.


Break at the knees sooner… your almost doing a good morning at the start.


Don’t over exaggerate squeezing ur butt/hips through at the top/end or ur gonna get flipped over back wards one day lol.

You are starting and finishing with too upright a back angle. That’s why you break at the hips loads to find the proper back angle at the start then descending and doing the hip bullshit as per my first paragraph.

Try to keep back angle consistent from unrack and start to fin. A bit more upright than 45 degrees looks to be good for you. Embrace the lean

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No, he’s performing a low bar squat
He’s setting his hips properly and allowing the knees to follow.

That’s still not a lowbar squat.

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Really… as pointed out it not a low bar squat in the first place. Since you felt the need to correct my opinion on a 9 month old post. Would you kindly post a video of yourself squatting? I have a incredibly weak squat and im sure i would learn allot from someone who is obviously more accomplished in the movment.


Just for a bit of context here.


Directed towards above comment/reference post, NOT OP

OP, keep up the good work. Like bulldog said, break at the knees earlier and you have a major fix right there.



Yes thank you it does put things more into context.
Being completely honest at my age ( lol for Gods sakes ill be going on 50 this time next year) I really could care less if he wants to come along and correct my opinion on it. I am not of the generation that gets validation off of being correct on a internet forum. Most of the time its has become a source of amusement and at times I dont always take it serious … But, I will say I stick behind what I said based on the video provided. Considering, that I fall into the the growing mind set of even more accomplish raw squatters then myself who suggest breaking the hips and knees more in unison. Considering allot of suggest I see regarding the subject are heavily influenced by equipped lifting. Which is neither good or bad but in the end it depends on the lifter in question body mechanics,

Now @dagill2 regarding the questioned you asked that you edited out for what ever reason.

I will post these videos from before my hiatus and you can be the judge for what its worth… Since it does fall under lighter work % wise.

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Hmmm… you think this would apply ?

think before you speak.

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Since you guys are talking about helping a guy with squats, it’d probably be even more relevant to post videos of trainees that you’ve coached in the squat and their results.

You don’t have anything like that, do you @bulldog9899 ? :wink:


Does the boy count?

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Yep! BullPup definitely counts!

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dayum you get offended?

that is a low bar squat, albeit not perfect
What it definitely isn’t is a high bar squat
the bars resting on his rear delts
his hips are properly guiding the movement

Well then, proceeding with the amusement part, I would consider your squats pretty sub par.

Your lack of depth, lack of scapular retraction. Hence rounding thoracic spine in every, single, rep.
You butt wink even before you get close to parallel, your left knee wobbles every rep, and etc

Seems you’re a regular here and you got some backing. It’s cool.
And in all honesty, as long as you’re injury free and enjoying yourself, I’m all for it.

But OP is attempting a low bar squat. A powerlifting style squat if you will.
I agree his knee can break an instant earlier. But for a novice it’s much better that he focus on stretching his hips back as far as he can.

“Rounding” of the thoracic back is part of the natural curve when you’re properly bracing on a squat. Do you do your 95lbs squats with your chest poked out?

Yeah, I think the squats were a lil high, but in that case why dont you show us full depth squats at 365?

lol, what is even happening here.




Weird how no one’s sitting back into their hips?


Well, I mean, obviously these guys never tried squatting 95lbs before, so what do they know.