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Squat Form Check


Can you guys please help critique my squat form? The weight is 115 lbs and I’m trying to do a low bar squat. Watching the video myself, I feel like I’m doing a hybrid between high and low bar.


Break at the knees sooner… your almost doing a good morning at the start.


Don’t over exaggerate squeezing ur butt/hips through at the top/end or ur gonna get flipped over back wards one day lol.

You are starting and finishing with too upright a back angle. That’s why you break at the hips loads to find the proper back angle at the start then descending and doing the hip bullshit as per my first paragraph.

Try to keep back angle consistent from unrack and start to fin. A bit more upright than 45 degrees looks to be good for you. Embrace the lean

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