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Squat Form Check

I’ve been having this problem for a really long time. Whenever I do a heavier low bar squat, the bar slides from my rear delts up to my upper back. I tried mutliple thing to correct this such as: hand placement, bar placement, etc. Pay close attention to the bar on my back.

Could this be a mobility problem? Maybe my ankles are not flexible enough to keep the bar over mid foot, so the bar slides into place to be over mid foot.

A couple things…

-Try switching to a false grip, putting the bar more at the base of your palms than base of fingers, and getting your elbows under the bar so that out of the hole you can drive the elbows forward, thereby keeping/pushing the bar back. Your elbows pop up out of the hole every time and when that happens it pushes the bar forward.

-I doubt it’s ankle mobility, if they were too tight your heels would be coming up when the weight/knees track forward, but it doesn’t look like they are. I would maybe move your heel position out just a hair (keep toes the same) so that your feet are just a bit more parallel to each other. As you come down, really focus on pushing your hips open and keeping the weight back on your heels.

-Fix your hips raising/good morning squat issue. Every rep you do where you have to raise your hips out of the hole and good morning the weight up is another rep reinforcing that movement pattern. I understand a video of the problem is needed to address it, but make sure that the vast majority of your training reps are done with damn near perfect form.

-This is stupid, dangerous, and not something I would recommend, but I used to have the same problem and fixed it by squatting heavier without and safeties. Before each rep I knew if something went wrong the weight would either go off my back, or over my head. Fear can be a great motivator for keeping your mind focused on pushing the weight back. Do what you will with this information.


Are you pulling the bar down into your back? If you’re not then that alone could be the problem, and combined with rising hips/forward lean would definitely make the bar roll up your back.

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Don’t lift in front of a mirror

@whang Yeah well this is the only squat rack in our gym, the only “optimal” gym for powerlifting in our town. I live in Slovakia, so it’s not as easy. But I’m working on a home gym so soon enough.

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Just checked out false grip, I’ll try it out soon and see how it feels. My heels do come up a tiny bit sometimes when I squat actually, maybe it’s hard to see in the video because of quality. I understand as far as heel position, I could give that a try, but I point my toes out a little bit more out now so I can push my knees out more too because I had pretty noticable butt wink before.

I used to have a very bad good morning squat so I’m still working on that. It used to be so much worse haha. But I guess it’s still noticable.

I know there are spotter arms in the rack I am squatting in, but they are too low for me. I have probably failed 1 or 2 squat attempts in this rack and never again since, because the weight crushed me those one or two times and I had a really hard time getting out of that. Not a fun experience…