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Squat Form Check

Hello, this was my top set 1+ of the day(nsuns5d) (122kg x4, 270lbs), by the way feel very heavy. Something you notice to correct and how do I solve it?
I know that the depth is bad, And something that happens to me is that I do not find a good position and width of feet and grip in the low bar.

And the descent is very slow but I can not find that reflex muscle effect, nor do I feel safe dropping fast compared to the high bar that does.

Break the hips first and sit back a bit. You’re shooting your knees so far forward your heels are having to come up off the ground ( due to a lack of ankle mobility to some degree i’m sure as well ).

I think this will let you get to depth better as well. If those shoes have a squishy bottom i’d ditch them in favor of either a hard heel or flats.

Otherwise it’s not terrible you’ve just got to get stronger overall.

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Depth here is worse than in the other video you posted. Doing some mobility work could help with that, you an check Squat University. The main thing I would recommend is doing goblet squat stretches on days you don’t squat. You can do this at home holding something heavy in your hands, the main idea is to give you some sort of counterbalance.

The stretch is like this: sit down into a full squat (or as deep as you can go at that moment) for 10 seconds, then push your knees out and squeeze you glutes, hold that for 10 seconds, then sit back down (should be deeper this time) for 10 sec. again. Do that for 3-5 rounds each time, I usually do a few goblet squats (like 8-10 reps) after I’m done with stretching. Other than that, some hip internal/external rotation stretches could help (look these up) as well as stretching your calves.

Another thing, since flexibility could be a limiting factor but likely you are also weak at the bottom of the squat, you could do some pause squats. A few sets of 3-6 reps, you don’t need to push close to failure and just pause for about 1-2 seconds, this should help as well.

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Another thing, how exactly are you training? Are you doing AMRAP sets? Right now you would do well squatting 2-3 times a week doing something like 5x5, start light, progress gradually, focus on technique. Too many people get caught up in trying to push their numbers up but their technique is way off so it ends up being a complete waste of time.


I try to break the hip first, but I lose balance. I’m going to have to spend more time with light weights trying to polish the technique

If it was a heavier set, I was wrong.

Excellent channel squat university I follow in IG.
Believe me that I apply that stretch and so many others, only in low bar in the hole I feel tight in the adductor, but I think it is a problem of positioning of feet (width and angle) and not a tense muscle. I am very foot ducked, in high bar my width is at shoulder height and very toes out (35-40 °).
I will definitely work the paused squats.

I’m doing the nsuns 5 days program, which is based on a heavy amrap set.
Before starting this program I had in mind madcow but it seems to me little to train only 3 days, (in this moment of my life I have free time). Do you know any program for my level of even 4 days a week?
My lifts:

Squat: 120kg x7 (264lbs) i think my 1rm is 145kg

Bench: 75kg x5 (165lbs) ≈ 85kgish

Deadlift: 147.5kg x4 (325lbs) ≈ 165-170kg

Ohp: 47.5kg x4 (104lbs)
You think that I still have noob gainz? I train 1.5 years ago

This is why your technique is not improving.

5/3/1 with 5’s progression, joker sets for 5’s (stopping before technique breakdown), opposite FSL5x5.

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I basically replace the 5/3/1 by sets of 5 repetitions (3x5) and then joker, sounds good. The only question is the handling of percentages unlike 5/3/1? Do I always maintain 85% TM?
And the “fsl5x5” never hear about it.
Thankss :v:t2:

This is 5/3/1, if you don’t know what I’m talking about then look it up or ask on Wendler’s forum. If you want me to write out a full program then write me a check.

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Hahaha sorry do not get me wrong, I know on 5/3/1 only I do not know that modification.
I will do a search.
Thanks for the time to advise me

and you wont at that squat height