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Squat Form Check

Please evaluate my squat at 75 and 85%, mainly regarding the depth, if it is IPF valid or not.

75% (Sorry about the the towel. Hard to evaluate due to it.)


Looks good… No need to pause in the hole , Hit it and explode up.
Only thing Im not a fan of is where you looking… But that is a personal bias of my own.

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As above with the pause.
Plenty deep.

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Don’t slow down into the bottom/pause. That way you can get more bounce.

Lot of guys try to “feel” out depth. Not too good for squatting big.

Maybe a hint of good morning squat happening where the butt and knees shift back right out of the hole. Making it feel really hard in the bottom bit.

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OP not that it matters but it occurs to me that you and I have simular leverages

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+1 guineapig is right. Slight good morning action going on. As soon as your are able, consider driving your hips forward. Not bad at all other than that.

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Your squat technique tops most the ones I see in commercial gyms.