Squat Form Check

Currently playing around with squat technique. Been trying to widen my stance a bit and slow down the descent. It interesting but I can’t straight out say it’s better.

Some other stuff I wanna try out different grip widths and bar position, flats vs heeled, and all kinds of cues

So any tips or suggestions. I’m happy to experiment too

Two obvious things are depth and knees. Depth is high and you are letting your knees cave in. My recommendation is to add banded walks/shuffles to your warm up to activate your glutes, and actively think ‘drive your knees out’ or alternatively ‘tear the floor’ to keep tension in your glutes to control knee position.

Knee caving can be bad stuff depending on how your knees are built.

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First video looked a few inches high. What happened, you used to be going too deep and now it’s the opposite. Something weird is going on with your knees in the last video, they cave in for a moment and then go back out, that’s something to fix. About descent speed, going slower isn’t necessarily better. Descending faster will give you a bigger bounce out of the hole, but you have to be able to stay in control and stay braced for that to work. Basically, descend as fast as your technique allows. Also, you’re squatting in a power rack, why don’t you set up the safeties?

What kind of shoes are you wearing? They look like dress shoes.

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Yeah it was high.

I think squatting this way I just gotta get used to this style of squat and keep descending for a bit. Divebombing I just slammed into the bottom and depth was never an issue. It shouldn’t be a problem with some practice at gauging depth.

When I descended faster before it was just that. My ascent isn’t any better for it I think. I often misgrooved the bar (forward I think) and I could feel it like a sticking point. There’s pros and cons but one pro of descending this way is I feel more in control of bar path

Just experimenting right now. Not decided on making any changes yet

Safeties because laziness mostly. If I die you can say I told you so

EDIT; yes they are dress shoes because went straight to the gym after work. They aren’t half bad with a solid heel

I’ll give a go of keeping knees out tonight.

Might be related to trying out a wider stance too because like in the past I was narrow stance so knees didn’t go out much and need to be kept out much either.

Why did you decide to change your technique? And how are you planning on transitioning?

If that’s the case then this is probably better for you, at least for now.

It will be in your obituary.

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Long story on my log. Short version of the story is I bitched out on squats for a while and pretty much forgot my technique. I’m getting back into it now and since my technique was kinda fucked anyways I thought I’d have a try of all different kind of things like a wider stance for example see if anything does me good and build back up

Another thing, squatting in front of a mirror is no good. It fucks up your proprioception. Switch the hooks to the other posts and squat facing away from the mirror.

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Didn’t mention it before but I think with time my descent I’ll get more comfortable and it’ll get faster and smoother

really? I never heard this but now that I think about it… that makes sense. lol

I did this. Transition to wider stance, low bar, sitting back and driving knees outward and opening up the taint. Put 100 lbs on my squat once I got technique dialed in.