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Squat Form Check



Please help me fix my squat. Thanks.


Looks like you aren’t bracing properly and cutting your squats too high. Squat deeper and look up a video called “Fundamentals of muscular bracing” on Chris Duffin’s youtube channel.


Not bad overall, but in the spirit of constructive criticism…, In addition to what Chris said, it looks like you are getting onto your toes a little bit at the bottom, meaning you start to lose the weight forwards as you come up. This is going to start to put a lot of strain on your lower back when you get closer to 100%. Focus on keeping your weight back and over the middle of your foot or heel.


Thanks I will check that video out


Thanks for the advice! I notice the bar traveling forward, just didn’t know how to fix it. I will try to focus more on keeping the weight back like you said along with bracing like Chris mentioned.


Either should help, both should see a noticeable improvement in keeping rigid from the bottom :+1: