Squat Form Check

Hey guys here are 2 videos of me squatting 150kg first set and last set respectively. It seems like I am butt winking. Can’t really tell but what do u think?

First set :

Last set :

Buttwink probably isn’t an issue. Your pelvis tilts but back doesn’t go into flexion. Probably better lumbo pelvic control, awareness of body position and more control in the bottom half of the lift will keep you injury free.

Would recommend more control in the bottom half of the lift overall anyways even without the buttwink. Whether this means slowing things down a tad or just focusing on staying tighter into the hole it’ll result in a more consistent squat. First few reps of the first set are good, near vertical bar path = efficient squat. Nice

4th and 5th not so much. Knees/hips shifting back / shooting up throws off bar path. Loss of tightness and/or going too deep also. Bit of cuing to keep the knees forward or control their position in the first few inches out of the hole may be enough or you may need to implement a regimen of pause squats and get bigger stronger quads through appropriate accessory work.

Alright thanks man. I’ll keep that in mind and try to utilise my quads more. I’ll try it again this Saturday and post here again.

Butt wink doesn’t necessarily mean there is spinal flexion, butt wink alone is just a slightly inefficient movement pattern. From what I can see here, you might actually have some spinal flexion going on, it’s hard to see from that angle because the plates are blocking the view of all but the very bottom of your back when you are at the bottom of the squat. Try filming diagonally from behind so we can get a better view of your back. Either way, improving bracing is always a good thing, it will help to fix any spinal flexion or butt winking.

Is there a cue for this? Such as ass out or chest up more to prevent spinal flexion?

You just need to practice not relaxing at the bottom.

Thing I notice is knees drifting forward. Typically you want your tibia to stay perpendicular to the floor. Meaning less knee involvement. David Tate has a good squat tutorial out as well and actually address this and the possible patellar tendon ruptured that can occur with heavier loads.

On low back / butt wink- often times it can be tight hips that’s the culprit. I personally perform periformis stretching, hamstring, hip internal external, trunk rotation and knee to chests before squatting.

As a side I also use that stretching protocol with any of my Pts that have chronic low back pain and it decreases their reported pain number normally 3-5 points afterwards

Hope this helps a little at least good luck!!!

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll keep that in mind and take a look at the tutorial! :slight_smile:


Plus bracing. The cue is “brace”.

This is typical multi-ply advice and not applicable to raw lifting. There are very few raw lifters (or even single ply) who squat with vertical shins. Most people can’t come close to depth squatting like that.

Ok I went back and tried to brace. I did 3x3 of 160kg today.

Set 1 :

Set 2 :

Set 3 :

Were you not bracing before?

I still can’t see shit because the plates block the view of your torso when you are at the bottom. What I can see doesn’t look terrible but one thing you might want to change is the speed of your descent. You drop pretty fast, if you aren’t able to stay tight while doing that then it will definitely be a problem. You want to descend as fast as your technique allows, and that technique has to include bracing and staying tight. This doesn’t mean a slow eccentric squat, but a controlled descent and eventually you could speed it up once you get other issues sorted out. Andy Bolton said something along the lines of “tension should never be sacrificed for speed”, that is something to keep in mind.

I wasn’t bracing as hard as I am now before until I notice that my ascend was pretty shaky and wobbly.

I find it really taxing to keep tight all the way and I have been sacrificing tightness for some speed. Now that u mention this I will keep tightness at the top priority and try again. Thanks once again.

Hey guys I went back and did 3x3 160kg this time focusing on keeping tight.

Set 1 :

Set 2 :

Set 3 :

Same angle, same problem.