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Squat Form Check



Hey guys so I’ve recently switch to low bar squat about a month in and still trying to tweak some things. my highest high bar squat E 1rep max was 330lbs so today I tested my low bar made it to 305x5 making and estimate of 355lbs i feel like on later sets I’m buttwinking and felt like reps took for ever but looking at the vid now it didn’t seem like much of a grind any thoughts?


I think if you cut your depth a little, theres some room to spare, you wouldn’t get buttwink.

I also reckon your shoulders might be tight causing some of your issues.

Your head also seems very forward.


Looks Ok. About the butt wink thing, it’s only a problem if you are actually going into flexion. It looks like you extend a bit and then go towards neutral, it’s impossible to tell here where or not you are going into flexion but if you are it’s minimal. Does your back hurt after squatting? Work on bracing, pause squats can help too because they will make you figure out your strongest position in the bottom.

I was going to say the same thing, keep your neck more or less neutral and try looking straight ahead or slightly up.


Oh I see. Yeah maybe I should look more ahead mind you when I was squatting high bar it was more natural for me to look forward I kinda let my body dictate where by head is facing so I will give that a try also my gym does have mirrors wich kind off sucks… .on a side note is it me or low bar feels so much heavier than high bar on my back but yet somehow I’m able to rep out low bar much smoother. Maybe I still need more time under the bar with this new form .


And nope no pain or soreness what so ever this could be a true 5 rep max and I know for sure I wouldn’t be able to hit another rep


good advice


It’s you. You could try adjusting bar placement by a couple centimetres up or down to find a more stable spot, that might help.


Gotcha alright guys I appreciate y’all taking a few minutes to help out I will try to implement everything said on here .


Ok so update I’m trying to fix things 1 by 1 so I did the same weight but only 3 reps since it was after my heavy bench sets .and was bit tired from heavy deads on wensday so my focus on this was cutting depth . Thoughts?


So why would you post this for a form check then? You also paused slightly at the bottom.