Squat Form Check


click the link above to see me doing 1 squat at 102.5 kg, about my 8-10 RM. Would the lift be approved at a meet save for the safety pins i use to gauge depth?

Looks like it’s right at parallel or slightly above. Might pass in some feds, not anything IPF affiliated and probably not USPA either. You need a couple more inches and you’re good, but squatting down to pins all the time is no good either.

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looks like the depth is fine but do it without the pins. it looks like youre drifting forward not much but at least a noticeable amount especially right before you get to the pins. try breaking at the hips sooner so you dont have to compromise the lateral? (front and back) positioning because it looks like your struggling to get that low which is forcing you to have the forward movement. if you can open the hips more and sooner maybe you can get lower while maintaining a more powerful position.

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Thank you for your input. I shall try to apply it on my next squat workout. On holiday atm so it will take awhile.
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