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Squat Form Check

I’ve had to take a year off from squatting after tearing both an adductor & labrum in my left leg (unrelated) - now that I’m pain free, I’m trying to rebuild steadily, but I want to do it right and thus looking for some opinions on what I can do to tighten up my form. I’m 6’1 with long femurs, so keep that in mind.

My main concern is the bar path, as it looks like its drifting a little further forward than I’d like on the way down instead of being over midfoot and I’m not really sure what to do about it.

I also notice some buttwink, but nothing drastic I don’t believe. I’m doing some mobility work to try and increase my flexibility, so I’m hoping that will resolve itself shortly on its own.

Any critique and/or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

Can’t really critique your form cause your squat is the opposite of mine:

Narrow v. Wide stance
High v. low bar
Flat shoes v. raised heels
knees forward v. out

And you don’t have enough weight on the bar to show where your form breaks down.

But you’re in a powerlifting forum and you are going unnecessarily low IMO for a competition squat. And I think you should lower the bar one pin cause you are stretching to get it back on the pins. Probably not a good idea once you start approaching any kind of max.

I don’t think you have buttwink. You start with an extended lumbar spine and it flattens out at the bottom. If you sorted the start position it would go.

I don’t think your chest is staying up for the entire squat which is probably causing some of the bar path issue - which I’m not sure is that big a deal (because parralax)

Clean squat from the side angle

Walk Out

Needlessly wasting energy by walking out too far and taking 4 or 5 steps with a couple of little shuffles and foot wiggles to boot.

Walk out with purpose, 2-3 steps max (including little steps) and practice it.

Bar Path
That’s a cool bar path tracing effect mane. How’d you do that?

He’s right. Probably more parallax error than anything. It’s close enough to a vertical bar path that you don’t really need to do anything drastic about it. Vertical may be optimal but really you’ll be fine.

Butt Wink

I don’t think buttwink is really an issue for you (maybe on the last rep a little). If you are still bothered by it check out this vid. May point you in the right direction e.g. whether you need mobility stuff or kinesthetic awareness and proprioception stuff.

Usually you get lots of buttwink when dudes are going arse to grass but really your depth is perfect. Unquestionable would be how I describe it, getting you whites by IPF standards which is a bit too deep already lel.

Thanks for mentioning that. I’m going to try standing more upright at the starting position and see if that helps. I’m probably doing it subconsciously from trying to keep my lumbar in extension - I guess just focus more on neutral instead?

I’ll try and queue myself for more chest up as well and see if that helps. It’s such a pain in the ass to stay upright, even with the squat shoes - without them, my squat basically turns into a goodmorning and that’s even with high bar - low bar makes it even worse and puts a ton of pressure on my low back.

Good point. I can see that being rather important once the weight gets heavy.


I tried out a lot of different apps and methods, but this seemed to be the easiest way to do it. Just import the video, right click a spot to track and it does most of the work for you. You can also measure angles, velocity, etc…

That’s good to know. I just don’t want to herniate discs unnecessarily, lol. Based on this video, I may widen my stance just a smidge - currently, it’s just at shoulder width (I used to go really wide, but haven’t since the injury).

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I can’t tell if your back is actually rounding or not, but if you are concerned about butt wink then cut depth by a couple inches, you are well below parallel already. And make sure to brace properly. What happens is that your femurs push against the top of your hip socket but you still want to go deeper so you allow your pelvis to rotate and back to round, if your back and abs are braced properly then this shouldn’t be happening.

Do you feel like you are shifting onto your toes as you descend? That might be why your bar path looks the way it does. It’s not a huge deal anyway, but make sure that you have your weight evenly distributed between the balls of your feel and your heels.

Yeah, and that’s with me consciously trying to stay on my heels / midfoot. In the video, you can even see my heels shift a bit as I descend - I’ve got to figure out a way for me to keep them planted the entire time.

I’m going to try a combination of turning my feet out a bit more and widening stance just a hair and see if that takes care of it. Right now with a shoulder width stance, my toes are only turned out about ~15’ degrees or so I would say. This is probably due to a slight fear of re-injuring that adductor.