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Squat Form Check

Hi there. I’m hoping for some pointers on my squat, which is particularly ugly…
Here is a single at 180kg - issues I see on first glance are I’m not anywhere near tight enough before the squat - shaking like a leaf. I’m also a little bit away from depth, something I’m trying to work on.

Many thanks for any other tips/pointers

Sit down rather than back and keep your head up.

Thanks, will give this a try!

Watch out for a “good morning squat” – don’t push your hips up so fast and so early.

Whatever the opposite of tight is, that’s what that squat was.

Bigger belly full of air. Tighten your core and activate your entire musculature as if an anvil were to fall out of the sky and hit you square across your shoulders. Belly, back, glutes, etc.

You were moving around a lot before you went into your descent and it looks like your lack of tightness contributed to your good morning squat.

Squat looked high to me as well.