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Squat Form Check

3rd squat session back since I stopped squatting a few years ago.

Starting to feel a little more natural already.

Depth looks OK to me? Should I be concerned about the ‘butt wink’ at the bottom?

Any Feedback appreciated.

@khangles :wink:

I’d like to see you take the bar out, and put it back, with both feet “squared up” under the bar. That split-lunge style could be trouble in the future.

Is that a plate loaded wrist roller “machine” back there? That’s pretty cool.

Thanks for the tip. Not something I’d even thought about!

It is, and it is indeed very cool. This gym is genuinely awesome.

Link is ded for me. ffs paste YouTube link in reply ez. (EDIT: works on my phone tho)
What FlatsFarmer said: Dun do the lunge unracking bullshit. Oly lifters do that weird shit when they’re lazy and cos they are strong in the split jerk position.

The unrack and walk out is to set you up for a big squat: so maintaining tightness, getting in a good position and using as little energy as possible. Getting in a split position and back to a squat stance will make you waste energy stabilising. Haven’t watched this in a while but it probably has all the things in it:

There’s a whole clusterfuck of buttwink threads around but TLDR: You’re fine.

It could become a problem if your butt wink is causing your back to go beyond neutral into flexion under load but I don’t see that. You can limit/decrease it if you wish e.g. addressing relevant musculoskeletal issues if they are present, squatting higher to put less ROM demands on your body, working on lumbo-pelvic control in the squat movement pattern etc.

Probably finish more aggressively ala CAT (compensatory acceleration training) where you try to accelerate the bar as hard as you can through the whole range of motion. So what I’d like every rep of squats from warm up to 1RMs, to look more like is bounce out the hole and almost simultaneous drive up as hard as possible the whole way up.

At the top you should almost speed up again near lockout as you get into a stronger joint angle for your quads to act. You get a distinct snap finish and if you’re lucky a bit of badass bar whippage (probably not on a decent squat bar tho).

What I see in your vid is you bouncing through the sticking point then cruising casually to the finish. You can get away with it at submax weights but at higher percentages the sticking point is going to sap a lot of speed from you and there won’t be enough left to cruise nor will you be skilled at generating as much speed as possible to the finish with.

Train with CAT with every rep and it’ll carryover loads to your max attempts.

Other than that is looking sexi.

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Awesome feedback.

Will change the setup and focus on a less ‘lazy’ squat. Acceleration all the way.

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