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Squat Form Check

I definitely agree my quads are my weak link in my squat.

When you say elbows under the bar do you mean tightening the upper back and pulling bar into your back or getting them under the actual bar?

Your 110 x 3 at 19 seconds, for example.

Actually keeping your elbows beneath the bar. Rewatch your videos. Notice that your elbows flare back and pitch you forward. Keep your elbows directly underneath the bar, which will keep your body upright.

PS Drop the belt and wraps

Looks like he’s using sleeves, not wraps? I like sleeves for training to keep my knees warm and happy.

Why should he ditch the belt? I know some folks recommend only for heavy work sets; I personally put on the belt above 2 plates

Boris Sheiko says to put on a belt once you have 60kg on the bar.

I still do some beltless training, but it’s not a huge deal.

Yes I do now thank you. I will try to keep them tighter arnd under the bar.

About the sleeves I hate training without them as they help knees.
If I can compete in either I will train in both. I like belt for anything over 60 as Chris has said because it cues me to act like the weight is heavy and brace properly, without it I usually half ass it.

No problem. For most people, the upper body will mimic the angle of the forearms.

Sleeves, wraps, weightlifting shoes, belts, ect, might be necessary at some point. You are not at that point.

Alright everyone sorry to be nuisance but I recorded a set of my squats today and checked them over for form and wasn’t good. The last rep the bar tracks backwards halfway up the rep and my knees cave in a little.
Third rep of this video was the bad rep whilst first was good.

Not sure how to fix this form issue at all.

Only read a couple of the replies, but I watched the videos and right off the bat you have 2 issues;

  1. Your breathing seems to be inconsistent and less than optimal (probably because you rely heavily on a belt- also assuming that your belt is way too tight, which is often a very common mistake for newer lifters). You need to learn to cue 360 degrees of circumfrential expansion when you inhale- getting as tight as possible before beginning the descent. Simultaneously you need to start setting your hips in the strongest possible position (this can be done by squeezing your glutes as you take your inhale). The reason being is simple; by squeezing your glutes you are setting your strongest position- full pelvic alignment, much like in the Bench Press where the bar is dirently over your forearm to ensure the strongest possible poisition in which to press.

  2. I’d recommend perfomring higher repetition, beltless sets with the High Bar Squat. Many lifters neglect the actual building of the Squat and simply want to test constantly with singles- once again, often with newer, less experienced lifters. By removing the belt and Squatting with a high bar position you are able to develop your quadriceps more (which are the prime movers in the raw Squat), while also practicing proper breathing and bracing- which is much easier to do beltless, in my opinion.

Repetition, repetition and repetition are key. Don’t be afraid of driving the volume on high rep sets of 8-10+.


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I’ve been implementing what everyone has mentioned and technique has improved a lot but is still sub-optimal. I did a max effort double earlier and looks a lot better.

Looks OK, considering it was a max double.

Always nice seeing someone tough out a rep, nice job finishing off the second.

I don’t have any constructive criticism though, other than keep at it. I have found, that with time under the bar + strength comes better form. And I say that as a novice in this sport but it’s been my experience.

Looks great. You need to lean out.

Thank you for checking it over everyone. I’ll keep improving my form.