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Squat Form Check

put 3 clips of me squatting together,
first is 120kg for a single.
Second is 122,5kg for a single (in comp)
and the last is 110kg for 6

You need to slow down your descent (particularly on the singles) and stay tight. Dive bombing your squats is a more advanced technique and you’re just not there.

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Agreed. I’ll do that.
Anything else? Or does it look good besides “dive bombing?”

Looks OK.

Anything you think i can improve upon?
I’ll work on decending slower, but anything else?

Stay tight as you descend, it looks like you kind of collapse into the hole. Other than your descent it looks decent, just focus on getting stronger.

This is one of the heaviest sets i’ve ever done.
What do you think? I think i descent way better.

Looks better. You seem to walk out too far, you even stepped forward before finding your final stance. Try to work on that. You also have a bit too much forward lean, try to force your chest up as you come out of the hole. Otherwise, just keep lifting and getting stronger.

The forward lean isn’t a huge issue, just on the last rep.

I figured form would break down, since this is supposed to be a really heavy set haha.
I’ll keep in mind to force my chest up, so it doesnt turn into a good morning like squat, right?

Ill walk out less far to. Good to hear further it looks good. :slight_smile:

Ill post another one in a while, couple weeks when i’ve progressed a bit more!

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