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Squat Form Check



Started weight training to gain some mass at 6ft 145lbs.Learning to squat for the first time.No one squats in my gym so no one can help me to fix my form…I noticed that my bar path is not straight and I hit the rack when coming up.How can I improve my form? I don’t want to add weight until I can get good form.Below are videos of me squatting with the empty bar and 5kg plates.


You are fine.

Add weight as your program dictates.

You are on a good program, right?


I am hitting the hooks on the way up.Is it my setup or my form?
My program is as follows:
Squat 3x5
Bench/OHP(alt) 3x5
Chinup 3x5
Rear delt fly-3x12
Tricep Extension 3x12/Calf raise 3x15 (superset)

Workout B:
Deadlift 1x5
Ohp/Bench(alt) 3x5
One arm dumbell row 3x8
Barbell Curl 3x10

3 days a Week ABA BAB format


I’d add a barbell row on your Deadlift day. Pendlay Rows, Meadows rows, TBar Rows etc.

That looks like an awkward squat rack to work in. Once the weights start going up you really don’t want to be worrying about hitting those hooks as is will throw off your concentration and technique. Perhaps stand further back?

It’s tough to see your form due to the hooks and light weight. Nothing is drastically wrong at the moment so just keep working on it.


My program includes the Pendlay row on the deadlift day but the 5kg plates I use are too small to touch the ground.That’s why I am using the dumbell row until I can reach the strength level where I can pendlay row with the big diameter plates.


Can you set your hooks on the squat rack to the height the big plates would sit?


@Irishman92 The hooks on the squat rack is set at the highest possible in the video above and big plates can sit in it.


If you lower the hooks to around knee height (or a bit lower) and lower the Pendlay Rows to this height it will represent using the big plates…

Dunno if I’m explaining it very well.

Dumbbell rows work well if you have DB’s that go up to a decent weight. Just keep in mind that it is an upper back exercise so try to keep twisting to a minimum and don’t bounce the weight at the bottom of the movement to make it easier.


I think you are suggesting that I adjust the safety pins to modify it as a rack pull does for deadlift right? And for the dumbell rows I keep the core tight and use the shoulder blades for the movement.


Yup, spot on Bub!

Happy lifting


Thanks man.Can you help me on one more thing? I can only do 2 deadhang strict chinups at once.I have a 3 days a week routine.How should I program to increase my chinups?


Have you got an assisted chin up station?

If not, do you have large lifting bands?

2chin ups is tough to build up on without making the movement easier somehow.

If all else fails I would just do 5 sets of 2. Make sure you are having enough rest between sets that you will make both reps. Try to do this as much as possible (daily even). They should get easier and be able to add more onto them.

I’m no pro though! I am just now focusing on building my chin ups from 11 up.



I noticed that you are looking down as you squat. This is not a good thing to be doing as you add pounds to the bar. When you are cranking out a difficult rep, or set you will find that your body follows your head. That means trouble for you! As you go into your squat try to look either straight ahead or even a bit up. I have found that the best way to discipline yourself to do this is to fix your gaze on a spot on the wall/mirror and keep looking at that spot until you complete your set. This will keep you from looking down and eventually having your head drop. Keep in mind eventually the body will follow the head. Good form begins where it should…at the beginning.

Good Luck With Your Training,



Ditch tricep extensions at least bc they might hurt your bench and press


He has it listed at the end of his workout. Assuming he does them in the order listed there is no way it would affect his big pressing movements.


I just noticed it now.I will keep in mind to keep my gaze straight now.Appreciate the help.Thanks.


Im saying he should ditch them if his bench or ohp starts to stall even though hes getting good recovery