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Squat Form Check


Background. Novice. Pretty small frame at 5’7 136 lbs.

Problem. My squat form is horrible, despite reading the book twice and paying attention to the technique for the last 6 weeks. Even lifting puny weights it seems my knees go way to forward and there’s that annoying lower back rounding at the bottom of the squat. For some reason, I am able to maintain a neutral spine easily while deadlifting, so lower back strength doesn’t seem to be the issue.

Here a few videos shot from various angles. The weight is a mere 115 lbs.


For comparison sake, here’s a deadlift (250 lbs) with neutral spine.



Well to my eyes your squat looks fine. I think you just need to do more squats and by that I mean develop good neural connections and real ingrain that movement within your CNS. It still looks like a very new movement your body is trying to perform. I would just keep squatting paying attention to form. Maybe focus on descent form pause in the hole make sure your maintaining tightness then focus on the ascent.

I can squat 500 lbs for reps and I still have lower back rounding in the bottom which if we are thinking of the same thing is colloquially referred to as the dreaded butt wink. I do not think it has hindered my performance or led to an injury yet. So I wouldn’t worry myself about that. You look like you have long legs especially femurs in relation to your upper body which might make you think your knees are going too far forward but really thats just a normal anatomical reaction to you squating down with weight on your back. I have super short legs and really long torso so thats never been a problem but my buddies who are tall all have that. I wouldn’t worry about it.


Thanks for the reply, really helpful and appreciated!