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Squat Form Check


Just wanting a little feedback on my squat. I have what feels like a hitch deep down on the inside of my left hip. Usually not a problem after a proper warm up, but always noticeable. This is a 90% of training max single at the end of the session. Fire away!!


Shoes don’t look particularly stable and the front tapered belt might lead to uneven bracing which might mess you up. Overall, I don’t have much to add cause the squat looks fine(read functional) enough to me.


Technique looks good except that you seem to come out of the hole very slow. Is that just because this is a heavy weight for you or do all reps look like that? You should reverse the weight as soon as you hit depth, that was almost a pause.

A powerlifting belt will probably be better than the one you are wearing. The point of the tapered belts is for weightlifter to avoid hyperextending their backs on overhead lifts, there is a reason that you never see powerlifters wearing them.


Thanks for the tips on the belt. I think I came out of the hole so slow because I was concerned with the weight. I came from doing a lot of Olympic lifting, hence the belt, but I’ve been wanting a new one, any recommendations?


Pretty much any powerlifting belt. Inzer, Titan, etc. No need to buy anything ridiculously expensive, they all do the same thing. Go with lever or single prong, I hear that double prong belts can be a problem to put on. And SBD belts stain your shirt red.


Why not just squat as if you were Olympic lifting?


To be honest, I don’t know. I have always squatted Olympic style in the past. I just hired a trainer specifically for my first powerlifting meet. This weeks programming called for comp style squat, Olympic squats, pause squats, and ballistic squats. This is just the one I recorded as my “attempt” at a comp style squat.


This may sound dumb but do you squat more “comp style” and if so, how much more?


It seems that there is maybe a 5-10 % increase. I can only judge this by the 12 week west side program I ran in 2013. All box squats were run this way and I saw a significant increase in my squat and deadlift. I do feel like last night I was dreading that “heavy” single and from the comp stance I never felt that the lift was in any danger. Maybe it’s a mobility thing or simply mental, but I’m very comfortable in the hole from a comp stance.


I’m asking you this cause it looks a little awkward to me to be honest. Like there’s nothing wrong but it just seems… Odd. Could you post a video of your olympic styled squats? Oh and I’m sure you already know this but “comp style squats” don’t necessarily have to be low bar lower back dominant squats. Some people can be rather dogmatic about it.


I guess I’m still a noob as I was unaware Olympic squats were high bar, I’ve done high bar as a variant but never a main lift. My experience has been low bar just outside my shoulders stance. Again, very much a novice on specificity here, what advantage does the high bar provide? I feel very far forward when I have done it, but again, I have not tried to master the technique.


Went back through my training logs, and during my west side programming I did High Bar vs Low Bar from the same outside shoulders stance as ME days 1 week apart. My low bar max squat was 20# heavier. I appreciate all the feedback, I just started using this forum and I’m already aware of how much I don’t know.