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Squat Form Check


Wasn’t sure which place to post this but since I’m asking for advice, rebuilding squat form, this seems ok place.

Just seeking feedback on squat form. Been reading some articles and doing some practice exercises. In particular there is a Waterbury article about doing wall squats where you face the wall and have toes and nose pressed against it… absolutely suck at it. I keep falling back and I have a hard time really “sitting back” and have since high school.

Overall though I think what I’ve read is the bar / weight needs to be centered over the middle of the feet and move straight up and down. All feedback welcome.


Looks decent. Good depth, doesn’t turn into a good morning.

Hi-bar or low-bar?


more of a hi bar kinda guy.


Take a small deload

Add ab wheel to your program.

Your mid is your weak point.

What program are you doing?


Thanks for the response. Can you expand on the Mid is the weakpoint?

I’ve been following 5/3/1 for squat and deads (black iron beast version where on heavy squat you do 5x10 deads after then alternate for other lower body session). Been doing antagonistic training for upper body with varied exercises and loads (lol).


Just so you know, that’s not the “black iron beast version”. That’s just BBB, I’m 90% sure haha.

As for any practical advice, you might want to swap out your shoes, it’s not a must but it’ll most certainly help. Sole looks pretty squish and compressible. Getting weightlifting shoes will help a ton.


Ah, yeah you’re right i just took it from their website, it’s the BBB … not to be confused w/ the bbc.

And those are flat soled nike free workout ones, no cushioning or heel at all, that being said i’ve heard the actual Olympic adidas and nike ones make a hell of a difference. have you used either or have a rec?


I’ve used both plus the Reebok PR lifters. You can’t go wrong with the Adidas Adipowers and Nike Romaleos basically. There are other brands out there (duh) but you’ll have to check them out. Don’t bother with the adidas powerlifts cause their heels aren’t all that solid.

As for some cues which might be helpful to you, I say so because I do think the way you squat is rather similar to me(can take a look in my training log).

chest up
squeeze your glutes before you squat
push your knees out first when you start the squat
descend deep in, get that stretch reflex
push up on the bar while going up


Another word for it is “core”.

5/3/1 us great for that. Just adding one ab wheel a week for the first month then 2 a week.

Good luck.

And trust the program. Just do as written.


If you’re high-bar squatting, then the “sit back” cue is probably the wrong one.

“sit-down” instead.


Did this the other day in the gym and really liked it. pushing the knees
out at the bottom really helps emphasize the right pushing and form on the
way back up. In addition I focused on upper back tightness and pushing "up"
thru the bar with my back and that helped with the mid section as well.


i know this thread is a week old, but nobody really addressed proper bracing in these responses. JFG touched on it with his references to core, but it’s not so much core weakness from what I can see as it is not bracing your core before each rep. I can tell you’re not doing it because as soon as your feet get set, you’re beginning your descent.

I would really recommend reading up on bracing and watching some videos on it, because it’s hard to explain in a single thread post, but you’re basically trying to fill your belly (not your chest) with air. You inhale strongly, expand your abdomen, and hold it that way throughout each rep. You’d be well served to ‘reset’ your breath before each rep while learning the technique. This will help you tremendously. The way I like to teach it, to get some tactile feedback while learning, is to put on a weightlifting belt, and try the breathing technique. You set the belt to where you can feel it all around your abdomen but it’s not super tight. Then you try to fill the belt with a big inhalation. You press out in all directions against the belt basically. You would just do this standing up, no bar or anything on your back. From there you would practice some air squats with your breath held and core braced. Then you’d move on to performing the movement with a bar.

Hope this helps, if my explanation is not clear, please ask questions.


Thanks for the better explanation.

All I saw was a weak mid