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Squat Form Check


Squats have been feeling weird lately, maybe some of you guys have some pointers on what I might be doing wrong. Thanks in advance!


I think your form looks really good… Just hammer your posterior chain with assistance work that looks to be your weak point, like it is for most of us. How tall are you? Looks like you need to gain like 50 lbs too.


Thanks a lot. I think you’re right about the posterior chain weakness, considering that I basically can squat the same weight I deadlift, so I will definetly add some extra work in that area. What are some exercises you would recommend? SLDL, GHR? I am currently doing barbell glute thrusts twice a week.

I’m 190cm tall (or 6 foot 2), weigh about 100kgs(220), so yes, I will probably need to gain quite a bit of weight. I am only 16 so I think the mass will come with time.

Thanks for the feedback.


If you do have access to a GHR I would say use that as often as possible. I like cable pull-throughs over glute thrusts, and reverse hypers would be even better. Stiff-leg deads with dumbbells and barbells, leg curls, back raises… Just kill a lot of volume for your hamstrings they can handle it.


Besides the posterior core comment which I agree with the only thing I can see is a slightly collapsed chest on set up. Practice setting up without looking at your feet. This means you set your chest when you lift the bar out of the rack and don’t move your head while walking back. There’s an old school saying: where the eyes go the body follows.


I totally agree with the other posts. I just wanna add one thing.

It’s a little hard to tell from the angle, but it looks like your feet are flared apart too much. Angle those feet in some more, no more of an angle than 45 degrees. I think that might help a little with your knees wobbling.

That and building hip strength along with your glutes and hams as others have mentioned already. Hip strength and stability for the knees can be built with wide stance work and single leg work.

A single movement that can build hip and P-chain strength would be sumo pin or block pulls from just below the knees. Just be sure to push those knees out and spread the floor. Sumo RDLs could work too.

If your upper back caving is due to more than just form and is a strength issue, they’ll help with that too.