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Squat Form Check


Hi guys, could you check out my low bar squat form. It feels that my sticking point is in the middle. Could it be weak glutes or what? Any suggestion to improve that sticking point?

Basic info, 5”10 height, 183 lb. 175 kg (385 lb) 1 rep max.


Looked almost like you were trying to pause it, but a 1rm is a max, it’s gonna be slow somewhere otherwise it’s not a true 1rm.


Yeah. Honestly, form looks fine. It’s slow as hell but smooth all the way up, no sticking point really. And no real form breakdown. But I agree with Vincepac1500, you’re so slow into the hole it almost looks like you are trying to pause it. That super slow and controlled technique works great for some people, but maybe you should try going into the hole with a little more speed and confidence. You might be able to get a little bit of a stretch reflex, some pop out of the hole that will give you a little more speed through the rest of the lift. Might help you move a little more weight, a little less slow. Other than that, looks like a very solid squat


Thanks for the feedback. Nice to hear that the form is overall solid. Yeah, it was a hell to grind it up.
But I agree I’m probably too slow on the negative, probably leading to slow speed on the way up. I think it could be because of several reasons. When the weight is heavy it feels scarier to go down fast, I have recently done a lot of pause squating and I was a little bit concered about the depth and maybee therefore taking more time to really feel that i have reached the right depth. Will try to train to get a better rebound out of the hole. I don’t see speed squats so often mentioned but that could also be an idea to test.

I tried 180 kg too, it was also slow and a little bit more shaky in the middle but but the depth was a few cm higher so I considered it not acceptable as a pb.


I kind of question your back tightness. Other than that you had solid form. If you can learn to use your spring reflex at the bottom I think your squat could be even stronger.