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Squat Form Check


Please ignore the fact that I’m overly fluffy and glowing white (man I need some sun) but I would love to get some tips and thoughts on my squat form… This was 420 x 4 … I was closing my morning down… I would have kept going for another 2-3 but I felt myself pitching forward on my toes some … I think out of fatigue, I’m still recovering from a 13.1 mile row over the weekend.

Thanks again, this forum has been a wealth of information


Cant see the video

My mistake on the video…try this instead

It appears on a few reps that perhaps your upper back is collapsing in the hole a bit. Other than that it looks solid from the side.

As for video posting, just upload it to YouTube and copy/paste the link, far easier for us to view. You can set it to unlisted if you wanna keep it off the books.

Try taking a bit more time on the set up and making the walk-out slower and more efficient.

Your speed is good. Depth is marginal (SPF quality).

x2 on upper back collapse. Head position was blocked by the plates, but I’m guessing you might be looking down.