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Squat Form Check

hello T-Nation forums, long time lurker here.

i need help/criticisms on my squat form. it’s high bar, i’m currently doing stronglifts 5x5 (working on my form and all that)

here is a video prior to seeing myself squat
https://youtu.b e/-13z6OnMc-g

here is the next video after seeing myself squat (i tried to fix whatever looked bad)
https://youtu.b e/SHYTXEaxY5Q

at my last workout (125kg squat), my lower back gets sore pretty quick and have been told it’s form related. i seem to have trouble staying upright and tend to lean forward (i used to do low bar squats before and have gotten used to it)

i’ve been reading so much conflicting information online (hence why i’m posing here). my foot stance is around 45degrees at shoulder width

any advice?

Your lower back rounds a fair bit in the bottom position. Try this for a few weeks and see if it gets better.

Also, weightlifting shoes or any kind of shoe with a hard sole and a heel would probably help you.

cool. thanks for the tip. someone just told me i have buttwink (anterior pelvic tilt) issues. it seems i need to improve my mobility

Also remember to “spread the floor” with your feet. Simple cue to engage your glute med and often will fix butt wink.