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Squat Form Check


I'm in my 8th week of StrongLifts 5x5. I started light with my squats to work on form (never really ever committed to squatting in the gym before) and now that the weights are starting to get heavy for me I was hoping someone could critique my squat form and offer up any tips/advice. I have a few videos below; the first two are from a few weeks ago (squatting 170 lbs).

The last video is from last week with a heavy weight for me (215 lbs). My concern in the last video is that my butt is starting to shoot up too early out of the hole and my squat is becoming a good morning. Any thoughts?



Just looks heavy to me. Also, what the hell is that machine you're using for your squats?


Ok thanks for the feedback.

It's a Jones machine: https://www.gtechfitness.com/bodycraft-light-commercial-jones-machine/?gclid=CjwKEAiApYGyBRC-g_jIstuduV8SJABCEzhZVIPcJ2xiRNK70p4Tl4aV_0mPsEQ4nKQk0nJ-x1BZABoC3Kvw_wcB

Basically it's an olympic bar on slider rails that allow the bar to move not just up and down but also forwards and backwards; allows for a more natural bar path compared to a Smith. I realize it's not going to be the same as a bar with a power rack, but it's all my gym has so I make it work.


I don't know if it's that abomination you're lifting in causing it but I have never seen someone with that much forward lean in my life, your body is almost parallel to the ground.


That's what I've noticed too: that I seem to have a lot of forward lean at the hips and my torso is pretty far over. At the same time though the bar is staying over my mid-foot in this position so I'm not sure how/if to correct it?