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Squat Form Check

I am primarily a weightlifter. Trying to get my squat up. Please advise on the form.

The movement looks pretty good.

Don’t allow the knees to go past the toes. Remedy this by not going so deep. You only need to break parallel. Experiment w/ your stance. It looks quite narrow.

Keep working on it. There’s good foundation there.

Overall it looks pretty good. IMO, it’s fine that your knees go past your toes since you’re a close stance squatter and as long as you don’t have any issues. It looks like you get more bounce and squat deeper with the light weights compared to heavier weights. I would suggest to try to keep the amount of bounce and depth identical by getting tighter. You could try pause squats, pausing at the same depth as your heavy sets. That way you won’t fail a lift because of an over reliance on speed. However, if you’ve made great progress with what you’re currently doing then you can ignore that advice.

Do you round your back at all when the weight gets heavy? I couldn’t really tell from the camera angle.

Why are you doing back squats? If you want to compete in powerlifting, osu’s advice is good, if you’re practicing back squats for the sake of improving your clean and jerk and snatch, then I wouldn’t make those changes.