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Squat Form Check


Hey guys, just wondering how my form looks. If there's anything that you think I need to fix / improve on just let me know. Thanks.


Not bad just keep your head up fixed on a high point during the entire motion which will help raise your chest order to aid in less rounding of the back

Try it and let me know


Are you shrugging your shoulders back? It looks like your chest gradually collapses as the set goes on. When you drop into the hole and your back goes into flexion, it gets difficult to straighten it out as you come back up. Your max attempt would likely look like a good morning.

You need to keep your shoulders shrugged down and engage your lats by trying to keep your elbows in the same plane as your torso. If you don't feel your lats engaged then it probably isn't. I couldn't tell for sure if there was some flexion in the lower back as well, which would suggest weak abs or not properly bracing the abs, but that might just be apart of the lat issue. The fastest way I learned to get my elbows under the bar was by squatting for a few weeks with a band tied around my elbows and in front of my chest to pull them forward, almost like a slingshot. Once you remember how it feels you can lose the bands.


Thanks for the comments, I try to keep my upper back tight by trying to pinch my elbows together. I'll try to engage my lats more but as for putting my elbows under the bar when I've tried that in the past I get a pain in my right shoulder and it affects my lifts. I've tried widening my grip, but the only thing that helped so far was using a thumbless grip and keeping my elbows up to keep my upper back tight.

My low back does go into slight flexion, it's something I have been working on (it used to be much worse). I just started squatting again and the video is my last set of 3 x 5 reps with 185lbs, this is the most weight I have used so far.


Pinching your shoulders together will tighten your traps but the lats are more important for providing a stable load path through your mid section. You want that to be rock solid for all your training reps so the bar path can remain constant.

I think you should at least give the band a try and lighten the load on the bar. When I first tried to fix this problem, I still had my shoulders slightly shrugged back while trying to rotate my elbows and it didn't work that well because the tightness was inconsistent. The purpose of the band is to prevent any scapular retraction which allow for a more natural tendency to move the elbows forward. So don't throw that off the board unless you've tried it with the bands and it still hurts.

If that doesn't work, then you would just end up pulling the elbows down as best you can like a lat pulldown while the shoulders are shrugged back to engage the lats.


I'm going to give the band a try today and see how it goes. Thanks for the comments.