Squat Form Check

Hi, I would like to know your opinions about my squat form.

Personal record 396 lbs:

7 x 330 lbs:

6 x 310 lbs:

Last one was done ATG.

It looks really good to me! Can’t see anything major that I’d point out so, imho you’re doing great! Keep it up!

Just going to break it down by the videos:

  1. Seems to be a bit high, maybe an inch or two. But depth nazi-ing aside I’d say it’s a pretty sound lift. Should’ve gone for a triple tho? lol

  2. Same as vid 1, just another 1-2 in. on depth. Looking solid tho.

  3. Shows that you have plenty of mobility and strength out of the hole so getting that extra little bit of depth on your others shouldn’t set you back much to at all. Textbook form on these as far as I can tell.

Depth comments are made by top of the thigh being below the knee, if your fed goes off of hip joint below the knee you’d probably be fine tho. But if you aren’t settled on a fed yet just judge yourself by more strict rules. Prepare for the worst and you’ll be ready for the best.

Thank you. It’s hard to hit depth just below knees without looking at it but it’s easier to hit as low as I can. As you said I’ll squat lower to be sure I’m doing it right.

I had the same problem, I used a box that put me about where I wanted to be. Not doing box squats but just touching it as a depth gauge. Still catch myself looking sometimes but its improved. Maybe it’ll work for you too

Nice idea but I haven’t possibility to use box at my gym. I have seen on YouTube something like that, when somebody squat below parallel then sound was activated.

Anyway, what do you think it’s easier to do ATG high bar or my one is deep enough to call it ATG? I mean third video.

If you’re going to stick to powerlifting I wouldn’t really worry about terminology like ATG or anything like that. Depth is depth there’s no bonus points for going lower, that being said I do think it’s a good idea to squat a bit lower than I have to (like your third vid) so when the weights get heavier and I pull them a bit short I’m still at proper depth. Also if you make your first attempt a weight you can get to that depth with you can pretty much guarantee 3 whites.

First two are in inch or so high.

Third video is absolutely money, especially when you don’t have a belt on.

Great work.