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Squat Form Check

I just recently switched from high bar squats to low bar stance. Im mentally focusing on keeping my knees still but i still feel like there is a lot of movement.



Ok ill throw my 0.02 in, the weights didnt seem that heavy so its harder to see form breakdown as well as the angle. Anyways Id say dont be afraid to break at the knees just a little more, i pushing your hips so far back is kind of good morning you over and making depth a little harder. If that seems difficult try angling your feet out a few more degrees and play with that.

Get to proper depth. You are squatting consistently high.

Hip crease below top of knee.

Thanks guys. Headed to the gym now, going to play with my stance a bit more i think thats getting in the way of me getting more depth.

You are getting to depth fine in the first vid, for most reps. That falls apart a bit in the last vid, I assume cos you are using more weight. I see an extra 10kg plate in the last vid.

Stance may help, but I suggest that the main issue is mental discipline. Just make sure you go full depth on every single squat, from empty bar up to final work set. You may go “backwards” with weight and/or reps for a bit but you will get stronger and push past where you are now, probably in just a few weeks.

Pretend you are “squatting” Kate Upton. You don’t wanna go shallow. Ever.

Ive got a couple more videos.

185 is easy peasy because of the low weight, at 275 my form really breaks down. I’m not getting to depth and my knees look like they are going forward a bit. I’m starting to thing the elevated heel shoes are actually hurting me with low bar squat. Thoughts?