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Squat Form Check

Hey guys! I was wondering if someone would be willing to check out a video of my squats and let me know if there is any problems I should be worried about. It looks like I round my back a bit in the hole (butt wink?)… is this serious enough to cause me problems? I train alone and I rarely ever see anyone else at the gym doing squats that I could ask.

The first set is 275x1 then 355x1 then 370x1 then I also attached my fourth set of 205x10 which followed the singles

Thanks for any help or comments!

those are good squats. I think your knees travel way too far forward, especially for a low back squat. Also what kind of shoes are those? I would try to keep the shins a little bit more parallel. I think your hip flexors are too tight and that is why if feels better to let the knees travel forward more in order to get depth. I have a similar problem.

this video will help a lot.

Thanks for the video and advice. It looks like those might be some good things to try. I’ll take a look also at my hip flexor mobility. I was doing some reading and I might try the “agile 8” routine that Joe DeFranco suggests to loosen up that area.

Right now I’m not wearing any shoes (just socks) for squats and Deadlifts… The only pair I have right now is a running shoe and it doesn’t feel very stable. I had a decent pair of Reebok Crossfit shoes (flat soles), but someone stole them from the locker room. Can’t force myself to buy another pair.