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Squat Form Check


What I noticed is I should keep the ellbows under the bar more. Also from the back view it seems to me like I'm shifting my weight to the left leg?

Any advice/comments appreciated.


Your squats look great man. The only thing I would say is invest in some better shoes for squatting. Not a must by any means, but you would be notice a substantial increase in your stability.

What little hip shift I saw, and I mean little, could be from a myriad of things like a tight hamstring, hip, or a slight unilateral muscular imbalance. It doesn't look like anything to be worried about to me, just be conscious of it.

Great squats!


Thanks for the comment. What exactly do you mean by good shoes for squatting?


Something without a padded sole.

I personally squat at home, barefoot or in socks.

But, options I've seen: Chuck Taylors on one end of the spectrum, and olympic lifting shoes like Do-Wins at the other end.


Looks good overall. You're blessed with great hip/ankle mobility, which puts you at a huge advantage.

I would personally aim for move movement at the hip and less at the knee, but there are many interpretations there. I would lean more toward the Rippetoe approach (not just the head position, but hip dominance). It would involve squatting lighter at first to learn a new movement though.

As far the hip shift/favoring leg, are you doing much unilateral work? split squats, reverse lunges, step ups, step downs, pallof presses? In simple terms, its hard to favor one side when only the other is working! I find a lot of people I train to have lateral imbalances, and its very easy to reinforce these imbalances when every exercise we do is bi-lateral.


At the moment I'm only doing lunges (doing PLP as extra assistance) - no other unilateral work. Might look into some more and see if it helps.


I like to use vibrams or chuck taylors. Helps you spread the floor. Check out secret #3 in this article: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/squat_900_pounds