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Squat Form Check

Looking for some feedback on my squat form. I squat high bar with a narrow stance (olympic style)

Looks alright from the side. I’d take video from the front or back too to make sure the bar isn’t getting wonkyjawwed or your knees aren’t caving in.

I’ve video taped that to check for anything caving in…was more concerned with how my back and reps looked and if it seems I was coming forward too much etc.

I squat low-bar for powerlifting and don’t squat Olympic style, but from what I’ve read of Greg Everett’s ‘Olympic Weightlifting’, you should be able to drop your butt straight down and going over the knees is quite alright, provided you have the ankle and calf flexibility/mobility.

It looks like you’re wearing Oly shoes, so I imagine you’d be fine doing that. I only bring this up because I noticed you start the descent of the squat by sticking your butt back and then end up bring it back in at the bottom, which is kind of inefficient. Well, that’s my 2 cents, for whatever it’s worth.

Good luck, man!

Your first rep has a good bit of tail tuck in it in the very bottom. Where your tail bone tucks underneath you. The rest of the reps either didn’t have it or had it just a little. So I think you have the mobility and the strength. I think just focusing on your form and making sure you arch hard in that position will take care of that.

The bar goes straight up and down over your midfoot so that tells me the bar isn’t getting in front of or behind you.

Some people can get away with tail tuck and others can’t. If you feel undue back strain then definitely focus on improving it. If you want a specialized exercise to help with it, I’d go with paused squats. Just be sure your actively resisting the weight in the pause and not just passively hanging out there.

Personally, I just think practice with regular squats will do since it’s not god awful terrible.