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Squat Form Check

Hi guys. I’ve been in a rut with my squat. I’ve been running Sheiko with a squat max of 135kg for a few months and it doesn’t feel like it’s improving. The sets of 2 and 3 in training are feeling difficult, and my technique doesn’t feel so smooth. I did the skills evaluation in 32 and got 135kg, while failing 140kg. But I feel that I need to fix my squat technique since I think that is what is holding me back. Here are the videos. Please give any advice to fix my squats. Many thanks.

You’re slipping way forward in the hole. Watch the end of the bar and your feet. Center of mass is much too far forward on your foot.

yeah, you need to work on your timing i think from the hole. if you worked a little bit on not getting stuffed in the hole. get a bounce a little bit.

Thanks for the help guys. I tried moving the bar a bit lower on my back and there was a slight improvement.

I think I’m still having issues falling forward. Also, I’m too slow descending and am still getting stuffed in the hole. I’m working on my mobility and technique. Are there any preparatory exercises (e.g. box squat, pause squat etc.) that you’d recommend to help me with these technical issues? Many thanks.