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Squat Form Check


I would appreciate some feedback on my squat form, this is 315 after my max set on 531 5's day. I apologize in advance if anyone is sick of these threads but I have never gotten any feedback from someone who knows how to squat worth a shit. Thanks


Not sure if video uploaded


Personally I am a kinda ok squatter 510 @ 220 and 315 for 20 so take my advice for what is. Your falling into the hole way to fast slow down. It will not make you weaker or use less weight you will stay tighter and be much stronger out of the hole.

Secondly your glutes suck they don't fire much at all ( mean no offense was a huge problem of mine for a long time and still is a issue) Hip Thrusts and Glute Ham every session high volume, high weight, drop sets it doesn't matter but every lower body day do them.

You need to focus on screwing the floor and pushing your knees out more your knees cave in substantially and it is not a very good thing.

Front Squats... your core is weak and as you get tired you have a real bad tendency to completely collapse and fall forward. Front Squats will force you to stay up right and stay tight.

Invest in a decent belt. You don't need to to use for every set but, when your almost missing your 3rd rep your well into your 90% range and I suggest at least a some what tight belt for squatting. Don't rely on it but learn to use it to your advantage.


More Glute work, front squats, and a belt, got it. And I have to say I have neglected glute and hamstring work in the past. You hit the nail on the head, I think I just needed to hear it from someone else. I very much appreciate your thorough answer so thanks for that! I'm glad I have a lot of room to improve. Would it be smart to alternate between hip thrusts and glute raises every other workout (4 days a week) 5-10 sets of 10-20 not to failure?


this, over and over and over, nice quads reed, finally built my squat stands a couple weeks back, im coming for ya