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Squat Form Check

Came off my heels for a bit, some back rounding. What other things do I need to look at?

6’ tall if that is relevant.

Overall, looks really good to me. Very solid for a rep at 405. How much do you weigh, just out of curiosity?

Your weight does come off your heels a little, but it’s not SUPEr forward either. Could you possibly get some oly shoes to squat in? The heel might help you get just as deep while still keeping your foot planted. Something to look into

Depth was great, as was speed out of the hole. Your bar placement looks really low, which i think is part of the reason that your hips come up a little bit faster and your chest drops a little bit. However, on the way down you keep your torso much more upright than a lot of people who squat with a bar placement that low. it seems to be “working for you.” Still, you might want to play with putting it just a littleeee bit higher - it might help keep that “good morning” at bay.

Other than that, I might just try and play with your speed into/out of the bottom. Right now, you are pulling nice and deep, but slowing down as you get into the hole. When you fire upwards, it looks like you are definitely getting a bit of a stretch reflex, which is helping you be fast out of the bottom. However, I’m curious if you might be able to move this weight even smoother and easier if you pulled into the bottom a little faster, got an even better use of that stretch reflex, and then were able to move through that sticking point faster/with less form breakdown. Maybe now, maybe the way you do it now is what is best for you. But I think it might be worth throwing 225 on there and play around with descent speed/smoothing that transition from down into up. Faster might be better.

Again, looks pretty nice overall. good work, keep at it.

Not sure, I haven’t weighed myself in a while. I think 215-220. I need to cut down to the 190s and do a clean bulk.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll experiment with a slightly higher placement. I did high bar for a year and switched to low bar recently because I felt like switching to low bar helped with avoiding rounding and good morning squats.