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Squat Form Check

I’m doing stronglifts 5x5 starting week 6. I’ve been using high bar squats (I think) as they feel more natural. Here are a couple videos of me squatting and I wanted to know if anyone has any form pointers. I think that my elbows are too far back but when I try to bring them forward the ‘shelf’ where I am putting the bar seems to collapse and my wrists end up taking a lot of the weight. Are they okay or should I bring them forward? Also, how is my depth?

I don’t really feel like this weight (200lbs) is heavy for me yet but since I’m just starting I don’t really know what my 1RM is.

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knees are too far forward, weight looks like its on front of foot and not heels

and you are going up and down instead of sitting back at the start of the movement…

but i just started back squats a week ago so maybe i don’t know

Your def putting the wieght forward and its forcing you to go forward then correct back mid squat eventually this can be pretty problamatic. You need to sit back abit more and press through your heels imagine pushing the floor away from you as opossed to just standing up. Keep the knees pushed out as well. Lastly what kinda shoes are you wearing. I reccomend getting some Oly shoes or flat soled shoes such as Chuck Taylor’s that’s would help you with stability and help press with your heels.

Thanks for the tips. I’ve tried to focus on getting the weight onto my heels, but I can see that you are right that I am still mostly on my toes. I am wearing Adidas running shoes. I’ll look into getting some other footwear.