Squat Form Check

It looks as though I lose it as I’m in the hole and things “collapse”, I also think my chest drops as I lower, but I can’t for the life of me stop it, I’m keeping chest as high as I can, back is tight, knees spreading etc.

No advice, but I simply LOVE your user name!

Just to clarify: I am no expert, and still improving my own technique, so your best bet would be asking an experienced lifter in your gym, and possibly let others review your lifting on this forum. But let me try to help:

Not sure what you are trying to do, power or high-bar squat. To me, it seems like you have the bar on your traps, but you have a wide stance. Naturally, with a wider stance, you will be more forward. You did a little dipping at the bottom, maybe on purpose because you feel you are over parallel? I like deep, high-bar squats so I’d do a narrower stance, if I were you (I have my feet about shoulder width apart), since it will allow squatting below parallel much easier. To prevent moving your torso forward too much you can try actively tighten your butt - along with the rest of the body, of course. Tighten it as much as possible under the whole lift. This should help you stay more “vertical” in the squat, and let you go below parallel safely. When going up, try to think more about driving your hip forward rather than moving the weight up. This may be more useful in a power squat, I don’t know, but I think it has helped me explode in the top as well in a high-bar squat.

I hope this will help you.

You have long legs compared to your torso, so it makes squatting tricky.

If you are squatting for physique; look for the bar, middle of the thigh, and middle of the foot to form a straight line. Make sure you have plenty of ankle mobility (soleus stretch).

Your form is pretty good for powerlifting, but your leg length puts you out of alignment for a good low-bar squat. You are also not lifting in gear, so that changes everything when it comes to PL. You have to bend so far forward at the hips that your lower back is rounding. Working on hip mobility will help (glute and ham stretches), but it will always be a bit awkward.