Squat Form Check

I figured the best way to improve my squat form would be to get a lot of input on it. If you wouldn’t mind posting any critiques below, I’d appreciate it. The video is from the other day, me squatting 350 lbs. for 2 reps at a body weight of 180 lbs. It was pretty high effort; though afterwards I did 355x2 but didn’t get it on film. I’m not exactly sure what my 1RM is right now, but based on those 2 sets I’d guess it’s in the 370 to 375 range.

I’d appreciate any tips or input.

The video is below, sorry about the delay.


Guess I need to work on adding videos. I’ll get on that.

It’s kind of hard to tell because the plate gets in the way at the bottom, but it looks like you may be falling forward a bit? As you’re standing up it appears that you are having to good morning it up slightly. I would focus on sitting back a little more and keeping the torso more vertical. Working in some box squats to your routine helps greatly with this.

Great depth dude!

I think the biggest problem with your squat besides leaning forward is the shitty music playing in the background. Unacceptable!

Yea, I even turned the audio down like half way in the video while I was making it to reduce how loud the music sounds. Unfortunately for me in order to film my squat I had to use my phone, which meant I couldn’t listen to my own music and had to listen to that stuff too.

Thanks for the input though, guys. I definitely noticed as well that towards the bottom I had a little wobble forward and the bar got a bit out of line towards my toes. I think I just need to focus on keeping my chest up out of the hole a little bit more. Thanks again.