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Squat Form Check

Hey everyone. My friend wanted to video my squats today which I didn’t think was a bad idea, but because we didn’t intend to film it the angle isn’t the greatest. Some things I notice myself are that my feet were pointed out way too much to the side - this was because I didn’t take the time to set myself up properly. Also I’m not quite sure I’m hitting depth, normally I go a bit deeper but I guess I was nervous on these squats and my belt restricts my movement a bit. But yeah it’d be great if you could give me some pointers.

Sit back more and keep your knees forced out. 405 for 5 is a pretty good set at your weight (I’m guessing you’re around 215 or so?), and those reps looked decent. Depth was close, I can’t really tell by this angle, but you weren’t super high, at any rate.

i know you already pointed this out but, your feet were too wide… try it at like a 45 degree angle, and make sure the knees dont flare in past the toes or out past them either. depth looked fine to me but im not sure. i always go rock bottom when i squat. it looked like you went ATG to me though.