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Squat Form Check

Hey guys I just wanted to ask for a little critique on my squat form. Any recommendations on what I could do to tweak it would be great.

Are you doing box squats to get used to squatting ?

Going to a lower depth in your squat will yield better results in the long term, depending on your goals.

I’m doing box squats until I get my hip flexibility back. I’ve had problems with my right hip flexor so it needs some stretching.

Bench is too high.

You need to sit back more, to keep your shins more vertical.

Thats an unnecessarily vicious lockout too.

Haha I was just thinking the same thing…that is a unnecessarily vicious lockout

Go deeper. Squats should be performed to parallel, whenever possible. Find some of those risers people put the platforms on, and use that to customize for your height.