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Squat Form Check


Hello all. I wanted some of the more veteran members of this site to take a look at my squat form. I am trying out the low bar position after watching "So you think you can squat" on the EFS web site. Thanks in advance.


Your depth may be a tad high, but that might just be the angle. Other than that, focus on pushing your knees outward. I noticed they buckle in slightly when you attempt to get out of the whole.

A side view of your squat form would help.


Id say the depth is fine, about parallel(?).

You've got a fairly wide stance so you're going to have to force those knees out like a motha in order to keep your knees tracking properly. Will help bring in your glutes and hammies though. Keep that tight upper back, and sitting back pushing those knees out - spreading the floor should be what is running through your mind.

Im not a veteran, so guess you can take my advice or push it by the way side...


either really focus on hip flexibility to get those knees out, or bring your stance in
does your upper back feel tight enough? perhaps also bring hands in - false grip


My upper back feels tight, but you are right it is not tight enough. I have really started working on my hip and shoulder flexibility. I found some stuff on the site about broomstick stretching. I think that once I get my shoulders more flexible then I will be able to bring my hands in a lot more and have a tigher upper back.

I noticed that I need to push my knees out more and your comments confirm this. I will practice "spreading the floor" during my squat workout today.

I really do appreciate the comments. I am trying to perfect my form on the basic barbell compound movements because from what I have seen the biggest and strongest do it. Makes sense to me to see what successful people have done and emulate it to a certain degree.


Buy Rippetoe's Starting Strength - it's a friggin' encyclopedia on squats. You squats look high high. Feet look too far apart, which is why knees caving in. Bar looks a little low on the back, even for low bar.



Trying to improve my form.




Do you have any wrist or elbow problems?

Your squats don't look that bad, especially for being near max attempts. I think they could be smoother with respect to the knee and hip on the descent. But it's hard for me to tell when tilting my head. Can you get a cheat video editing program and do us a favor next time, flip it upright?