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Squat Form Check


This is my 5/3/1 week with a training max of 265. Im posting all three sets, the last one posted is my 95% set. I taped myself because I was starting to worry that I wasn't breaking parallel. I now know that that is not an issue.

I was wondering if you guys see anything else that needs to be fixed?


2nd video


3rd video


Thanks in advance for any advice.


Well a better angle would be nice. Kind of hard to see. But this is what I got...

First, you stepping back on your right foot is pretty distressing. You seem to have some balance issue.

Back to the balance, you seem to be rocking from being on your heels to your toes. Try to remember to stay on your heels.

Also in the second video, right before you go down to do the first rep your toes come off the ground, I don't know what that's about. I think you need to stop all that moving around before you unrack. I know you're trying to get comfortable, but I think it's causing a back habit for you.


About the stepping back thing in the first video I completely agree, It was a scary feeling. That was the only time I think that has ever happened to me and I don't want it to ever happen again, hopefully it was just stage fright from first time camera use.

I had never really thought about all the moving around stuff I do before, I should probably practice more at just unracking the bar and getting into my stance with as little movement as possible.


As far as I'm concerned the technique looks fine. Your hip apex crosses your top knee alignment, so depth is good. Also, your back angle seems fine. As long as your not experiencing any forward pull in the ascending phase keep the angle the same. If so, just practice setting your hips back more. Keep the balance on your mid-foot if possible. Otherwise, great squat!


Rippetoe would be proud. Biomechanically speaking, that's one of the best squats I've seen posted in these forums that have been opened up to criticism.

As posters before me have stated, though, I find your balance worrisome. The uneasiness in unracking the bar and the flubs with your feet are one thing, but something that concerns me from an efficiency standpooint is that in the third video, you drift backwards nearly a foot on your ascent. Keeping the pressure on your heels in one thing, but if your leaning back so much that the bar actually starts drifting in any direction, then you're just creating an energy sink.

TL;DR: Heel pressure is important. Mid-foot pressure is just as important.