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Squat Form Check

Personally I think I have some issues with sitting back enough and my knees going a little too far forward. It’s hard to tell from this angle, but depth may be questionable in some associations. I’m not really sure how strict judges are.

Crease of thigh below knee. Looks to me like you have 2" to go. If you can’t learn to sit back more you’ll have further to go.

Thanks. Any tips for sitting back more? I included a screenshot for the bottom of the lift.

Just play around with some boxes to find the right height and sit back as far as you can. Push your knees out hard and learn you use your hips and ass coming off the box.

Yep agree with chazdaman here, do some box squats to get the feel for sitting back, they really help with this.
Other than that, you lookin strong mate well done.

Thanks guys…I’ll definitely use box squats to help my form.

Your knees dont look back coming up, of course they could be a little better. Looks like you let the hips shoot up just a little more than you should, but just a hair. When you come out of the hole, drive your traps back into the bar.

^Thanks. Driving the traps into the bar is another good tip that I definitely need to work on.

Anything else before this thread dies??

stance is a bit too wide, and you aren’t hitting parallel. focus on your butt being the first thing to go down as if you’re sitting.

^ Too wide? Idk I’ve gotten some responses by experienced raw/geared powerlifters that I should widen my stance a touch. I definitely agree with you about the sitting back and I worked on that today. I used to go knees first and now I’m going hips first.

Your stance is not too wide, but breaking at the hips first is a good cue to work on with the box squats.

how much is that? ur right i have that same problem.

nm 415lol